The Gather 2019, 7th Annual

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The 7th Annual Gathering — Donations

Share the harvest.

Are you unable to attend The Gathering, but wish to make a financial donation supporting Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas and the New Roots for Refugees program? Please use the form below to make a donation. We rely on the generosity of our community to help refugees achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance through their growing farm businesses.

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The Gathering is the ladies’ event of the season supporting the New Roots for Refugees program which empowers refugee families to start farm businesses growing produce according to organic standards.

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Thank you to our generous and supportive sponsors and committee members!

2019 Gathering Committee

  • Dori Boers
  • Trish Cattron
  • Angela Evangelidis
  • Shelley Howe
  • Missy Kuklenski
  • Lynn O’Leary
  • Courtney O’Farrell

2018 Market Sponsors

  • Mrs. Jeanne Gates
  • Mrs. Gretchen Hembree
  • Mrs. Judy Hoehn
  • Mrs. Shelley Howe
  • Mrs. Missy Kuklenski
  • Mrs. Marny Sherman

2018 Seedling Sponsors

  • Anonymous
  • Mrs. Renny Arensberg
  • Mrs. Dori Boers
  • Country Club Bank
  • Mrs. Mary Crowther
  • Mrs. Angela Evangelidis
  • Mrs. Katherine Faerber
  • Mrs. Karen Gibbons
  • Ms. Jeanne Gorman

2018 Seedling Sponsors, Cont.

  • Mrs. Kathleen Jantsch
  • Mrs. Patricia Lisson
  • Ms. Maureen McMeel Carroll
  • Mrs. Lynn O’Leary
  • Mrs. Carolyn Reintjes
  • Mrs. Kathleen Rohr
  • Terrasi Living & Scandia Home