For more than four decades, the Ben and Betty Zarda family has been the backbone of the Catholic Charities’ Annual Golf fundraiser, The Golf Classic.  Ben and Betty loved the Golf Classic, and each spring, Ben would begin to make his calls – soliciting donors, teams, sponsorships and favors.  Most of those he called, knew exactly the reason as soon as they heard his voice on the other end of the phone.  They couldn’t wait for the Monday after Mother’s Day each year, as they greeted all of the golfers and sponsors who came out to spend a day on the course in support of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Ben and Betty’s children and grandchildren have long played a role in the event.  With Ben and Betty’s passing within the last year and a half, even more of the family members have become involved.  It surely gives Ben and Betty great joy to look down and see so many of those whom they cherished, ensuring the great legacy of the Ben and Betty Zarda Golf Classic continues.  

Heirs to a legacy of service, Zardas carry on family tradition

Early on, it was important for Ben and Betty Zarda to make the golf classic a family affair.

“Dad and Mom got the family involved in the tournament as much as they could,” said daughter Dana Rieke. “It was something that we just did. You knew you were doing something for Catholic Charities and it was going to help people who needed help.”


41st Annual Ben & Betty Zarda Family Golf Classic. View team photos in a seperate album.

2021 Photos

40th Annual Ben & Betty Zarda Family Golf Classic. View team photos in this seperate album.