Hope Hero Shout-Out

Due to the rising cost of food, empty grocery store shelves, and a decrease in donations, our food pantries have faced a scarcity so extreme it has been labeled a food drought. While our mission is to help families and individuals that are in need, it is impossible to fight the epidemic of hunger when our food shelves are also bare.

One way parishes, schools, and businesses continue to support the need is through organized food drives. While we continue to receive donations, the need is still at an all-time high – especially in rural communities across our 21-county service area.

There are a variety of ways anyone can take action including: participating at a local food drive, donating fresh produce from your home garden, donating plastic or brown bags, shopping from our Amazon Wishlist, providing a financial donation, or simply building connections and sharing the need.

“If you are participating in a local food drive, reach out to your colleagues and friends and invite them to join you. Simple networking can go a long way to help and change is a ripple effect. When someone sees what you are doing, they might want to join and help. Even one person can make a difference.”

— Kendra Dudasko, Outreach Coordinator at Catholic Charities

We would like to recognize and thank the parishes and schools that continuously host food drives to support our neighbors in need. For a complete list of where you can find our food truck to donate, learn about how you can help, view our food needs list, and more visit: www.catholiccharitiesks.org/food-drives

If you are ready to take action to help end our ongoing food drought, contact our Director of Community Engagement, Camille Pickhinke, at cpickhinke@catholiccharitiesks.org.