Hope Hero Shout Out! 

School is back in session! Our Leavenworth Family Support Center brightened up the community and handed out 192 backpacks during their back-to-school event to help children prepare for the school year.

Due to COVID, the event has been a lot more challenging the last two years, but the Leavenworth Family Support Center is grateful they were able to keep this service available to clients and distribute the supplies in a safe manner.

The Family Support Center received donations from the Knights of Columbus, Altar Society, Men’s Society from local Catholic parishes, and individuals. Historically this school supply drive was offered as a matching opportunity with a private donor. Jackie Masoner, Leavenworth Family Support Center Manager, says, “This year we lost that donor, but I feel that this event is in part a legacy of what that donor wished to see.”

“The donor told me how much they enjoyed seeing a kindergartner strutting out with a new backpack like they owned the world. I will miss that donor immensely, but I am hopeful we will be able to carry this event forward,” said Jackie.

We are so glad to be a helping hand to parents and children, as they prepare for a new school year!