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Finding Jobs Help Rebuild Lives

Our Refugee & Immigration Services program is committed to helping resettled refugees rebuild their lives.  Securing a job is an important piece of that. Refugees possess a wide variety of professional, technical and labor skills, as well as solid work experiences.  Most of all, they are eager to work. They want to regain financial stability for their families.

Refugees are invited into the country by the U.S. government. They are issued a valid Social Security Number and are fully authorized to work upon arrival. They may apply for citizenship within five years.

During the resettlement process, our Employment team provides free services to help refugees with the skills and support they need to successfully obtain their first U.S. job.  Services include:

  • Job search coaching and employment counseling
  • Resume building assistance
  • Employer/employee connections
  • Job readiness courses
  • Interview guidance
  • Interpretation (when needed)

Employers needing to staff positions also receive free services including:

  • Pre-screened applicants with skills matched to job openings
  • Qualified candidates referred directly to the business
  • Interpretation services provided during training and orientation
  • Vocational skills assessment
  • Mediation between employers and employees
  • On-site assistance with employees to review and complete paperwork
  • Post-employment follow-up and support

Employers who hire refugees may qualify for work opportunity tax credits for each new hire who receives public assistance.


Refugees resettled through Catholic Charities may enroll in our Job Day course. The curriculum offers topics designed to prepare students for a typical workplace culture. A key element of Job Readiness learning is the inclusion of job-related English instruction that involves an overview of fundamental vocabulary and phrases.  This reinforces confidence in learning and using English words that are applicable to everyday life. Businesses may also participate in the Job Day Program  by presenting information about open positions. In addition, students have the opportunity to build their resume by participating in volunteer activities. These activities are aimed at learning job skills, building references and becoming engaged in their community.

Central Office Address:
2220 Central Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102



The Refugee Employment Services brochure in Adobe PDF format provides details about the program that you can download to print and share.

  • Skilled, Experienced, Long-Term Workers
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Availability of Employees
  • Tax Incentives – Your business could qualify for work opportunity tax credits for each new hire who receives public assistance.
  • Promoting Community – Hiring refugees helps get them on the road to self-sufficiency. It reduces dependency on public assistance, strengthens families and builds a strong foundation for our community.
  • Work Authorized – Refugees are fully authorized to begin working immediately in the U.S. by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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