HELPING OUR NEIGHBORS IN NEED! How You Can Make a Difference
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Refugee Community Sponsorship:
As part of a group, support refugees by choosing from a level of sponsorship:

Level 1 (Housing Helper) – Collect donations for setting up a family’s home, participate in a home set-up, and (optional) welcome refugees at the airport.
Contribution: Move-in supplies
Time commitment: 1-2 weeks

Level 2 (Community Explorer) – Take a family grocery shopping and clothing shopping at TurnStyles Thrift Store. Complete a bus training and community navigation session.
Contribution: Move-in supplies and family bus passes
Time commitment: 1-2 months

Level 3 (Family Advocate/ Mentor) – Perform all the duties of a Level 2 sponsor, as well as provide employment, transportation, and educational support through English classes and a cultural orientation.
Contribution: Family bus passes and rent & utility assistance for up to 6 months.
Time commitment: 6 months

Refugee Case Aide:
Give 10-12 hours each week to help with individual case needs such as grocery shopping, taking clients to appointments and assisting with basic paperwork.

If you are interested in these volunteer opportunities please email,