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Refugee Financial Education

Helping refugees build financial literacy and begin saving for the future
Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

Refugee Double Money Savings Program

Helping refugees save money to pay for a large purchase

Utilizing a custodial account managed by Catholic Charities, refugees can save money and receive a dollar-for-dollar match to purchase an approved asset.

Refugee Financial Freedom Program

This program is designed to provide financial education and resources to recently resettled refugees, helping them make informed financial decisions that lead to increased financial independence. 

Refugee Financial Freedom provides group financial education classes that introduce basic concepts of personal finance. One-on-one financial coaching case management sessions led by agency staff help refugees develop budgets and set financial goals. In addition to the program’s financial education classes and case management services, the program provides practical assistance, such as opportunities to open a bank account, pay bills and manage credit. 

From saving and investing, to more advanced financial planning strategies, this program covers a wide range of personal finance topics. We believe that financial education is an essential part of resettlement, and we are proud to offer this program to support the refugee community. 

For more educational programs and opportunities please visit the Refugee Learning Center.