Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas improves the quality of life for individuals and families through a spectrum of program and services provided by compassionate and skilled professionals. We value our employees, a diverse group of nearly 200 employees all sharing a common value: promoting the dignity and respect of all persons.

Catholic Charities Board of Directors

The Board consists of community leaders from the region who share their expertise and provide stewardship on strategic decision-making for Catholic Charities’ programs and services.

  • Chris Dierks, Chair
  • Chris Ruder, Vice Chair
  • Nancy Grasse, Secretary
  • Scott Kincaid, Treasurer
  • Fr. Barry Clayton
  • Garrett Harper
  • Gerry Euston
  • Joan Wells
  • Ken Mellard
  • Larry Gates
  • Patrick Regan
  • Shannon Gomez
  • Theresa McDermed
  • Lauren Solidum, President and CEO

Catholic Charities Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board consists of community leaders from the region who share their expertise to establish the direction for development and stewardship activities.

  • Pat McAnany, Chair
  • Doug Ciocca, Vice Chair
  • Laura Foley, Secretary
  • Kathy Jantsch, Treasurer
  • Brian Dunn
  • Dustin DeWitt
  • John Brown
  • Mark Fendler
  • Michael Hoehn
  • Nancy Jones
  • Lauren Solidum, President and CEO

Executive Staff

  • Lauren Solidum, President/CEO
  • Mary Florea, Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Anthony Funk, Chief Financial Officer
  • Denise Ogilvie, Chief Mission Officer
  • Kelly Kearney, Chief Development Officer
  • Keith Kennedy, Vice President of Supply Chain
  • Kevin Bentley, Chief Operating Officer
  • Carol Cowdrey, Senior Director of Marketing and Media Relations
  • Jamie Stevens, Senior Director of HR


Working with Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is much more than a job. You’ll experience the satisfaction of expressing your professional capabilities serving people of all faiths – both those we serve and those we work with.


Housing & Utility FY19 7,505 times that housing and utility existence was provided to those facing homelessness or disconnection in the past year Did You Know? Hygiene & Clothing 171,603 times that personal hygiene items and clothing were distributed in 2019 Did You Know? Kids Summer Food FY19 12,283 nutritious meals were served through the Kids Summer Food Program Did You Know? Resource Bus FY19 11,682 times the Resource Bus provided basic necessities, case management and more to our rural neighbors Did You Know? Case Management FY19 14,510 Case Management meetings to assess comprehensive needs through one-on-one communication Did You Know? Refugees FY19 204 refugees were welcomed and provided ongoing support Did You Know? KLPP FY19 81 predatory loans were eliminated through the Kansas Loan Pool Project (KLPP) Did You Know? Hospice FY19 394 patients received compassionate end-of-life care from Catholic Community Hospice in 2019 Did You Know? Food Assistance FY19 259,394 times that food assistance was provided to families in our community in the past year Did You Know?