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Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas improves the quality of life for individuals and families through a spectrum of program and services provided by compassionate and skilled professionals. We value our employees, a diverse group of nearly 200 employees all sharing a common value: promoting the dignity and respect of all persons.

Catholic Charities Board of Directors

The Board consists of community leaders from the region who share their expertise and provide stewardship on strategic decision-making for Catholic Charities’ programs and services.

  • Stephen Penn, Chair
  • Maria Jenks, Vice-Chair
  • David Staker, Secretary
  • Chris Dierks, Treasurer
  • Rev. Larry Bowers
  • Ann Connor
  • Dan Crumb
  • Ping Enriquez
  • Gerry Euston
  • Nancy Grasse
  • Mark Lacy
  • Denise Martinek
  • Theresa McDermed
  • Ken Mellard
  • Patrick Regan
  • Chris Ruder
  • Bradley Scott
  • Daniel Silva
  • Ken Williams, President and CEO

Catholic Charities Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board consists of community leaders from the region who share their expertise to establish the direction for development and stewardship activities.

  • Debbie Wilkerson, Chair
  • Pat McAnany, Vice-Chair
  • John Southard, Secretary
  • Doug Ciocca, Treasurer
  • Jim Brown
  • Frances Douthat
  • Ed Elder
  • Laura Foley
  • Michael Hoehn
  • Kathleen Teahan Jantsch
  • Greg Kindle
  • Ken Williams, President and CEO

Senior Leadership Staff

  • Ken Williams, President and CEO
  • Anthony Funk, Chief Financial Officer
  • Denise Ogilvie, Vice President of Outreach and Grants Management
  • Rodney Whittington, Jr., Executive Director, Hospice
  • Kelly Kearney, Vice President of Business Development
  • Lynn Lichte, Vice President, Human Resources, Administration and TurnStyles
  • Ernie Boehner, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kim Brabits, Vice President of Program Operations
  • Dustin Hardison, Director of Stabilization and Housing
  • Zena Weist, Vice President of Marketing and Media Relations
  • Michelle Carlstedt, Director of Volunteers
  • Zoran Misic, Director of TurnStyles Operations


Working with Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is much more than a job. You’ll experience the satisfaction of expressing your professional capabilities serving people of all faiths – both those we serve and those we work with.