In celebration, we share the story of one adoptive couple’s journey.

This fall, an adoptive couple received some exciting news. There was a possibility of adopting a child within 24 hours. Unfortunately, that excitement led to disappointment when they did not end up getting chosen by the birth parents. But their story did not end there.

Three days later, another set of birthparents chose this couple to be the forever family for their soon-to-be-born child. The birthparents met with the adoptive couple and got to know them prior to the baby’s birth. The adoptive couple was able to be in the delivery room of the child. The partnership and relationship of these two families coming together for the goodness of the child was just incredible, according to Heather Roberts, LMSW, Coordinator of Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling.
“The love that all the parties have for this little baby is immeasurable,” she adds. “While the adoptive couple heard a difficult ‘no’ in one month, God’s plan has been amazing and they are grateful to be parenting this little baby and building a relationship with the birthparents.”