New Roots is a partnership of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas and Cultivate KC

Meet the Farmer

Pay Lay

Pay Lay is originally from Burma and belongs to the minority group known as “Karen”, which has its own distinct language and culture. Like her sister, she lived in a refugee camp in Thailand before being resettled in the United States in 2007 with her family. Pay Lay also grew up farming and came to the New Roots program with a lot of experience. She bought a 2.5 acre piece of land in Kansas City, KS with her sister, Beh Paw Gaw and named their business Ki Koko Farms. The central image in the logo design of the business is the face of the klo drum, which is a symbol of the Karen culture- it is also featured on the national flag. Pay Lay grows both traditional Burmese and American vegetables, the former for her family to consume and the latter to sell at markets.

Farm Name: Ki Koko Farms

Farmer’s Market Locations: Overland Park (Wed), Brookside Farmer’s Market (Sat)

Offers: Vegetables/Flowers at Market, CSA share, Wholesale

Contact: (913) 461-2659