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The Juniper Gardens Greenhouse is Open, and Farm Classes Are Off and Running

Is there anything more hopeful than pale green starts in a greenhouse? Probably not. As of February 15, the Juniper Gardens educational greenhouse is OPEN!!!  

For years, farmers at Juniper Gardens have learned about getting the growing season started early in farm class, and by working one on one with New Roots’ Farmer Trainer. Due to the unique circumstances at Juniper Gardens, this has always taken place in a modified high tunnel that is insulated enough to function as a greenhouse… for the most part.  

Unlike a true greenhouse there are limitations in terms of space and temperature control, but New Roots has made it work for at least 8 years. 2024 is no different. We are elated that this will all change in the coming year with the completion of the Diana Eisman Community Greenhouse.  

With the opening of the greenhouse also comes the first week of Farm Classes. From early February through April, farmers-in-training will meet twice a week to learn everything they need to know about starting a small farm business in the American Midwest. Starting with lessons on using a greenhouse, farm recordkeeping, pest and disease management, irrigation, and more, the New Roots curriculum is tied closely to the agricultural calendar.  

By the time the classes end with harvest and storage in April, farmers are too busy in their plots for dedicated classroom time. Instruction then moves to one-on-one with Cultivate KC’s fabulous Farmer Trainer, who works with each individual in the field— giving advice, answering questions, and providing technical support.  

2024 is Heating Up! How Do You Get Involved? 

  • Order a Farm Share. We have full and half summer shares on available now on Local Food Marketplace. 2024 will also see the return of our wildly popular Flower Share! Sign up today for summer full of fresh veggies and blooms.  
  • Volunteer with the Farm Share team, at a farmers market, or on the farm as a Farm Friend. Sign up for information sessions this spring to learn more, or email us at [email protected]
  • Host a pop-up market 
  • We’re always looking for land! Do you have a line on space for New Roots farmers to grow? Let us know! Email us at [email protected] 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on life and events at Juniper Gardens Training Farm. 2024 is heating up (literally) and it’s gonna be a busy year. 

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