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Kari’s Hope Story: A Good Night’s Sleep

My name is Kari and I was homeless.

The first time I walked into Catholic Charities I had been homeless for five months. It was around the holidays and it was getting colder. I had been locking myself in the bathroom at the park to sleep at night, but I was caught by the police and forced to leave.

I spent many nights in the bushes behind the library and occasionally was able to seek out warmth in an empty parking garage. Holding down a job became tough because I was so tired from moving place to place each night, sometimes several places a night. Someone at the library told me that Catholic Charities might be able to help me find some place to sleep. I was so tired and felt hopeless. I wasn’t Catholic so I didn’t think I could get help there but I found out that Catholic Charities’ programs are based on need not religion.

My case manager worked with me to find me not just a shelter but an apartment of my own. Catholic Charities helped me with a deposit and first month’s rent. My case manager gave me hope and treated me with so much respect. She got me enrolled in financial education classes so I could learn how to manage money and have a budget.

Through Catholic Charities’ employment support, I got coaching on job interviews and was hired at a temp agency making enough money to pay my rent and utilities. It’s amazing what an impact a roof over my head, a good’s night sleep and a decent job makes for me. I’m safe and taking care of myself. My goal is to put money aside every month into savings so I won’t ever have to worry about not being able to take care of myself.

I’m thankful for the help I received from the Catholic Charities staff and I’m grateful for how they made me feel. They gave me hope and they believed in me. You can’t put a pricetag on that.

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