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Hi, my name is Jonathan and this is my hope story…

I recently met with a case manager to discuss my progress in the Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Kansas Loan Pool Program. I shared with him that I was facing a reconnect fee for my water, which had been shut off, insecurity in paying the rest of my family’s utility bills, and stress regarding my goal of purchasing a car.

I was hoping to be able to resolve all of these issues with my tax return, but because I was not entirely sure of the exact amount, we discussed alternatives. I was feeling a lot of pressure to provide for my family. We are so blessed to have a kind neighbor who allowed my wife, my daughter and I to use their home to shower and use water for other needs. I was overwhelmed, but hopeful I would be able to put the stress behind me once I received my Earned Income Tax Credit.

One week later, I was overflowing with good news. I had received my tax return the day after we had met, had paid all of my utility bills through April, and purchased a valid ID for my wife so she can access healthcare. One of my goals was to buy new beds for my wife and I, and our daughter. My wife went to purchase both beds, and while deliberating over the price of the queen size bed for us, the salesperson threw in a free twin size bed for our daughter. Buying two mattresses and box springs for the price of one, represented growth for my family, as less than a year ago all three of us were sharing a futon mattress. I hope the new, fancy mattress will help with my wife’s back pain. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come during this time and with the help of Catholic Charities.

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