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Hospice Patient and Family Member

At Catholic Community Hospice, we recognize that everyone grieves differently when it comes to the loss of a loved one.  There is sadness, loneliness and sometimes even feelings of frustration and anger. It’s important to find ways to cope, so that the healing can begin.

Grief support and bereavement counseling are available to family members and caregivers, extending 13 months beyond the death of a loved one. Those who had a family member served by a hospice outside the service area may also receive bereavement support. An Annual Memorial Service gives family, caregivers and hospice staff an opportunity to gather and remember those who have passed.

Ongoing Support Groups

Grief support groups are free and available to anyone in the community who has experienced a loss.  Generally, they meet once or twice a month year round.  These groups are beneficial because they provide a place to begin sharing your grief with others who have suffered a loss. They also promote building long-term supportive relationships.

The following is a list of on-going grief support groups located throughout the area. Contact locations directly for more information.


This brochure in Adobe PDF format provides a general overview of Hospice programs and services that you can download.


This brochure in Adobe PDF format provides information about Catholic Services offered within Hospice that you can download.



CaringBridge® is a nonprofit web service that connects family and friends during a critical illness, treatment or recovery. Your CaringBridge website is personal, private and available 24/7. It helps ease the burden of keeping family and friends informed. Patients and caregivers draw strength from loved ones’ messages of support.


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