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Stories of hope and faith, where human kindness and love always win the day

Beth’s Hope Story: Achieving Goals

Hi, my name is Beth and this is my hope story... I started the Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Family Financial TransformationsTM program back in December. I am a single mom of three kids and [...]

Laura’s Hope Story: Settling In

Laura is the mother of five children. Her husband is currently incarcerated and is not due to be released for at least two years. She had a hard time keeping up with bills while trying [...]

Janet and Mic’s Hope Story: Welcome to Town

My name is Janet and I'm married to Mic, and this is our hope story. We came to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas because we were homeless and staying in a local shelter. We were [...]

Share the Journey: St. Agnes Rams Reaching Out Day

 For the fourth straight year, over 300 students at St. Agnes Catholic School dedicated a day of service, Rams Reaching Out Day, to benefit the many ministries of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Divided among the [...]

Mari’s Hope Story: Faith in Me

My name is Mari and this is my hope story... I've worked with my case manager as part of the Kansas Loan Pool Project (KLPP) program for almost a year. It's been a process. Nothing [...]

Ron’s Hope Story: A Vet’s Victory

From one of our case managers... Earlier this month, a retired and disabled Veteran named Ron called us asking for assistance with his bills which had gotten out of control. He had just moved to [...]

Alice’s Hope Story: My Guardian Angel

A landlord called to schedule an appointment for a tenant of his, Alice, who was nearing eviction. She is an elderly lady with health issue. The landlord dropped her off at our  Emergency Assistance Center (EAC) [...]

Rachel’s Hope Story: Safe Haven

From one of our case managers... Rachel came to one of our Emergency Assistance Centers (EACs) to shop at our Food Pantry. She had noticeable bruises on her face and was struggling to make eye [...]

Patty’s Hope Story: An End in Sight

My name is Patty and this is my hope story... I learned about the Kansas Loan Pool Project (KLPP) program by seeing a KLPP flyer at an agency that works with Catholic Charities.  When I [...]

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