More often than not our rural Family Support Center (FSC) pantries struggle to receive as many food donations as our metropolitan locations. During a time when food droughts are rampant, FSC managers must get creative to offset a critical decline in donations.

A unique partner to our Leavenworth FSC has been the Fort Leavenworth Commissary. While only active, reserve, or retired uniformed service members can shop at the commissary, non-profit, charitable food banks qualify to receive donations of edible yet unsellable food. Instead of taking it to the dumpster, unused or unsellable items in the commissary are donated to our rural food pantry as part of the FSC’s weekly food rescue mission. During these food rescue missions, volunteers go to area grocery stores to pick-up soon-to-be-expired emergency supplies for the food pantry.

“The commissary has donated to us eggs, whole chickens, and even freezer items. The number of items we receive is incredible. We are fortunate to be this close to the post,” said Jackie Masoner, Leavenworth FSC Manager.