Emergency Assistance and Housing

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Safety Net for People of All Faiths

People come through our doors when they are experiencing hard times.  There may have been a job loss, serious illness or an unexpected expense.  They are struggling to feed their families.  They can’t afford their medication and the monthly rent.  They need help.

Since 1965, our Emergency Assistance Program has played a significant role in the community, providing a safety net for people of all faiths who are trying to make ends meet.  Services include meeting  the immediate, basic survival needs of families with low-incomes so  they have enough food to prevent going to bed hungry; rent money to avoid eviction and homelessness; water to bathe in or prepare food; electricity to run a refrigerator and lights; and gas to heat their homes and cook.

Once the urgent needs are met, our case managers help those we serve identify long-term solutions that lead to self-sufficiency. If eligible, they are connected with government programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Women Infants and Children (WIC) and other resources that may be beneficial.

Financial education is a key component for regaining economic stability.  Counseling and classes are offered on topics such as how to budget, ways to reduce credit card debt, steps to establishing a positive relationship with a bank or other financial institution and more.

During last fiscal year alone, some of the services we provided through our Emergency Assistance Centers included:
food assistance 248,480 times 
housing assistance 3,714 times 
utility assistance 8,627 times
clothing assistance 17,326 times
financial education 34,260 times

Emergency assistance programs are available at eight Emergency Assistance Centers — services vary by location, but all offer the services listed below. All centers are located in fully accessible buildings where those we serve may visit or make an appointment. There are no fees for services provided.

Help Your Neighbors

Catholic Charities works to ensure families—regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or circumstances—have the support they need.


Emergency Assistance Center Locations



Catholic Charities’ food drives are one of the largest means of getting meals to the people we serve. Involve your church group, community organization or employer.

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Emergency Assistance Services

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