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Difficult Decision Made Out of Love

In August, we found ourselves working with two women contemplating adoption. The journey for each of them has been unique.

One woman, Jane, reached out to us in the spring and has been wavering for many months between the decision to place for adoption or to parent. It has been a very emotional journey for her to make her decision.

She explored extensively what both parenting or placing for adoption would look like for her, her baby and their futures. She has consistently met with us working on her plan. Recently, she came to a decision that has brought her peace. She decided to parent her baby. Jane is now working with us to get details in place for the arrival of her baby. It is so hopeful to see the peace and joy within her as she has come to this decision.

The other woman, Sophie, also reached out to us in August just weeks before her due date. From the first conversation with her, she has been confident in her decision to make an adoption plan for her baby. Though she had spent most of her pregnancy making plans to parent, in the end she decided adoption is the best plan for her, her family, and for her baby. Sophie has quickly stepped into making plans that include a hospital plan and choosing an adoptive family.

We are reminded that each woman coming to us considering adoption has a different path to their decision. For some, we walk with them as they contemplate their decision, while others reach out already focused on adoption.

We know that for each woman it is an emotional and difficult journey. We are grateful that we have both an adoption program and pregnancy counseling program. We can support women making either decision of parenting or adoption.

In addition, we are grateful that we can offer support after their babies are born. Though each of these women chose a different plan for their babies, they each made the difficult decision out of love, sacrifice and planning.

To learn more, visit https://catholiccharitiesks.org/adoption/.


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