Sarah came to Catholic Charities as a last resort. She had lost her job due to COVID, and was evicted from her apartment. Experiencing homelessness meant she and her son sometimes stayed with friends and family. At other times, she made sleeping arrangements for her son, while she opted to stay in her car.

Sarah met with a Catholic Charities case manager regularly and was able to find employment. She was accepted into our Pine Street transitional housing program in Olathe, which allowed her to save money for a place of her own. She found a second job so she could pay off old debt.

However, soon after, her car broke down. Since the repairs would cost more than the car was worth, she decided to give it up. She had to rely on public transportation, which meant she was often late for work at both jobs. Working so much also caused her to feel worn down and left her less time with her son.

After many months, she was able to find an apartment and Catholic Charities was able to help her pay the deposit and first month’s rent. This assistance allowed her to use the money she had saved to buy a car. She would no longer need public transportation and was able to quit one of her two jobs.

Catholic Charities provided the support and resources that Sarah needed to get back on her feet. She was beaming when she returned the keys to the Pine Street apartment. Her struggle had lasted nearly a year, but now she was finally able to rest in her own home.