Earlier this month, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas held its 10th Annual Gathering Event, at the home of Bridget Lee. Support from The Gathering sponsors and attendees helped Catholic Charities secure more than $160,000 to support the New Roots for Refugees program!

In 2008, Catholic Charities, in partnership with Cultivate KC, began New Roots for Refugees, a program to help refugees put down new roots. The program was designed to remove barriers to starting a small business. While in the program refugees receive year-round English and farming lessons, providing them the education and assistance they need to develop their own farming business in areas of the Kansas City metro. This fiscal year, 151 New Roots training classes helped refugees develop their farming skills to sustain their families and contribute to the community! 

Fresh produce, florals, and more items grown by the refugee farmers are available for purchase online, during seasonal farm shares, and at 16 Kansas City farmers’ or private parish markets. 

The money raised from this year’s Gathering Event will go towards empowering more refugee farmers so that they can build a brighter future in their new home.