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Experience the Impact of Catholic Charities with a Bus Tour

Join Catholic Charities of Northeast Kanas for coffee, bagels and an interactive bus tour. Experience firsthand the impact of your generosity on Catholic Charities in our community. During the tour, you’ll be able to engage with Catholic Charities leadership and travel to its local mission operations to learn about a variety of its ministries, including [...]

Experience the Impact of Catholic Charities with a Bus Tour2019-02-28T09:14:38-05:00

Breaking Bread Spring 2018 – Something to Smile About

Then Jason arrived at Shalom House, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ men’s shelter, he was in very rough shape. Years of hard living, poor nutrition and drug abuse had wreaked havoc on his teeth, and within his first month at the shelter, he had the remainder removed. To make matters worse, he endured an emergency [...]

Breaking Bread Spring 2018 – Something to Smile About2018-07-11T10:09:14-05:00

A Place to Lay Their Head: Shalom House Receives Mattress Donation

Hope Hero Shout Out! Our Hope Hero Shout Out goes to Furniture Mall of Kansas Olathe for their generous donation of 24 new twin XL Tempur-Pedic mattresses complete with mattress covers and sheets to Shalom House. One of the store's owners, Jeff Winter, along with three of his employees, helped make the special delivery. The [...]

A Place to Lay Their Head: Shalom House Receives Mattress Donation2018-02-22T15:48:11-05:00

Jim’s Hope Story: From Surviving to Thriving

My name is Jim and this is my hope story. I arrived at Shalom House with my fair share of challenges. Middle aged and with a less-than-capable body, my ability to pursue the labor-intensive jobs of my youth was limited. Compounding things further, I have a criminal history which rendered most other employment opportunities impossible. [...]

Jim’s Hope Story: From Surviving to Thriving2018-02-13T09:39:12-05:00

Order of Malta Grants $10,000 to Shalom House

The Order of Malta Federal Association granted $10,000 to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas for our Shalom House men’s shelter.  The funds will help the men continue to receive the health and educational support they need to reach self-sufficiency and leave homelessness for good. The Order of Malta is active in 120 countries caring for [...]

Order of Malta Grants $10,000 to Shalom House2017-10-09T14:49:12-05:00

Carlos’ Hope Story: Job Joy

Our Shalom House Case Manager, Joe Domko, shares Carlos' story... Carlos spent 247 days in our Shalom House Men's Shelter program. A 24 year-old immigrant from Puerto Rico, Carlos struggled with chronic health issues from severe malnutrition in his youth and a significant language barrier. For months he languished to get his health back, and [...]

Carlos’ Hope Story: Job Joy2017-09-22T17:08:55-05:00

Students Give Back through Eagle Scout Projects

Hope Hero Shout Out! There are many ways to volunteer and make a difference at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Three Boy Scouts did just that this summer through their Eagle Scout projects. Thompson Penn, a freshman at Rockhurst High School, regularly helps load the Catholic Charities truck with food donations at Ascension parish. He [...]

Students Give Back through Eagle Scout Projects2017-09-12T15:22:12-05:00

Johnny’s Hope Story: A Place at the Table

In late September, I knocked at the Shalom House door looking for shelter. This was a big step for me. See, I had spent a lifetime living on the streets, selling drugs and surviving as best I could. I never had a “real” job, and had never had a legit address - I never lived [...]

Johnny’s Hope Story: A Place at the Table2017-08-25T18:07:52-05:00

Kansas City Star Highlights Homelessness in Johnson Co

This Kansas City Star article on homelessness highlights the problem of homelessness in Johnson County, Kansas and references Catholic Charities' Shalom House, which provides services for homeless men. For most of her life, Sharon Rodriguez looked away when she saw homeless people. “I always saw them as somebody not to talk to, to stay away [...]

Kansas City Star Highlights Homelessness in Johnson Co2017-08-25T18:07:55-05:00

Audio: “Getting Back On Their Feet” – Homelessness Topic on Shepherd’s Voice

On the "Shepherd's Voice" podcast Archbishop Joseph Naumann interviews Dustin Hardison, Director of Stabilization Administration at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, Joe Domko, Shalom House Manager, and Brian, a guest at the Shalom House shelter. "For a homeless person to feel at home is very special." - Brian, our guest For more than 30 years, Shalom [...]

Audio: “Getting Back On Their Feet” – Homelessness Topic on Shepherd’s Voice2017-08-25T18:07:55-05:00