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VITA Program Hits the Road

When Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ Mobile Resource Bus rolls into some of our rural communities over the next couple of months, there will be a new service on board – free income tax help for families in need. “The IRS has emphasized that the rural communities have very limited resources for tax support,” explains [...]

VITA Program Hits the Road2019-02-28T09:29:57-05:00

AT&T Supports Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas with Funding and Volunteer Hours

$5,000 Contribution and 400 Service Hours from AT&T Pioneers Will Support Books, Food, and Clothes for Rural Areas KANSAS CITY, Kan., Nov. 2, 2018 — AT&T Pioneers is contributing $5,000 to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. The funds will be used to stock the organization’s two Mobile Resource buses with books, food, and clothing for [...]

AT&T Supports Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas with Funding and Volunteer Hours2018-11-14T17:15:04-05:00

Catholic Charities Resource Bus Brings Hope to Rural Communities

by Jan Dixon Special to The Leaven MOUND CITY — Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s what was happening when the Catholic Charities Resource Bus parked in the lot of Sacred Heart Parish here recently. And it’s what happens every Tuesday and Thursday when the Resource Bus takes goods and services to the rural communities of the [...]

Catholic Charities Resource Bus Brings Hope to Rural Communities2018-10-15T11:10:02-05:00

Help on Wheels

Susan and Joe live in a rural Kansas town with limited resources. Due to medical conditions, they were unable to work for a couple of months. They fell behind on their rent, and had no money for food. They relied on fishing for their meals, sometimes catching only a turtle. Susan and Joe heard about [...]

Help on Wheels2017-11-27T14:40:34-05:00

Press Release: Catholic Charities’ Mobile Resource Bus to Serve Emporia Community

(Overland Park, Kan.) -- Beginning Wednesday, August 2nd, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas will serve Lyon County residents through its Mobile Resource Bus. The bus, equipped with basic essentials including food and clothing, will be parked at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, 205 S. Lawrence, from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm., twice a month. A case [...]

Press Release: Catholic Charities’ Mobile Resource Bus to Serve Emporia Community2017-08-25T18:07:52-05:00

Check Out Catholic Charities’ Section in Osage City Library

With over 12,500 square miles, the service area of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is vast.  And because those in need can't always travel to one of our eight Emergency Assistance Centers, we take our services to them through our Mobile Resource Buses. For the past four years, a Catholic Charities' case manager, aboard one [...]

Check Out Catholic Charities’ Section in Osage City Library2017-04-19T14:51:20-05:00

Saul’s Hope Story: We’re in This Together

The best part about being a Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas case manager on one of our Resource Buses is meeting new people each and every time the bus goes out to counties our Emergency Assistance Centers (EAC) can't serve. On the flip side, another highlight is getting to see some of the same individuals [...]

Saul’s Hope Story: We’re in This Together2017-08-25T18:07:58-05:00