A Unique Opportunity to Help a Child in Need

Since 1956, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has provided Adoption services as a state-licensed child placing agency. We work with expectant mothers and married couples to place babies with their forever families. This fiscal year, 17 families connected with our dedicated team of experienced staff to enroll in the program.  Couples living within our 21-county [...]

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Things to Know About Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI)

From feeding underprivileged children to caring for and supporting families that are experiencing homelessness, all ministries at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas value the dignity of human life. One specific program we offer especially cherishes the gift of new life, the Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI). PMI supports the value of both women and children throughout pregnancy, [...]

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The Seemingly Simple Tasks Prove Challenging

A Story of Hope from our Pregnancy Counseling Program So many times and in so many circumstances, I feel I take for granted the ease with which I can accomplish a task – refilling a prescription at a pharmacy, calling a doctor and asking for clarification regarding a diagnosis or treatment protocol, or even being [...]

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Dave’s Hope Story: 40 Years in the Making

A birth father, Dave, reached out to us. He wanted confirmation that someone who contacted him was actually his daughter he placed for adoption 40 years ago. Dave felt in his heart that she was his daughter but he wanted to be sure. We walked Dave through the steps he'd need to take and he [...]

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Alessia’s Hope Story: Prenatal Care

Alessia, a Napoli interpreter, gave birth to a stillborn baby boy at nine months gestation. She had not received proper prenatal care. She began working with our Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) team in our Wyandotte County office as an interpreter. As part of the PMI program, staff provides free, monthly pre-natal monitoring, parenting support, community referrals [...]

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Rysha’s Hope Story: Peace of Mind

One of our birth mothers, Rysha, has been receiving help from a local shelter for those suffering from domestic violence.  Rysha has now been able to register for housing, has recently received her Medicaid card for her and her 3 children, found a new doctor, and applied for and received WIC - The Special Supplemental [...]

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Jessica’s Hope Story: I’m Not Alone

A young mother, Jessica, met with one of our case managers, Gabe, for rent assistance. During their conversation, Jessica shared she was a victim of domestic violence and going through a divorce. Jessica mentioned she was pregnant with her third child and she was looking at adoption agencies. Gabe first talked with Jessica about her [...]

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Quida’s Hope Story: A Healthy Delivery

Our Adoption Program Team has been working with a birth mother, Quida, for several months.  Answering questions and available whenever she called, texted or dropped by our office to chat. We found out she had concerns about potential complications with her pregnancy. In the last few months, we have been able to assist her with [...]

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