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New Roots Take Hold

Mediatrice Niyonkuru fled her homeland with her parents in the ’90s to escape a civil war. She is enrolled in Catholic Charities’ New Roots for Refugees, which is a program to help people who came to the United States as refugees learn how to farm in Kansas. She sells the fruits of her labor [...]

New Roots Take Hold2019-08-05T10:01:56-05:00

Parishioners Come Together to Get Food Where It’s Needed

A volunteer helps organize and distribute food to the needy at Catholic Charities Mobile Food Distribution location on July 20. Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas sponsors many efforts, like Mobile Food Distribution, to try to battle food insecurity in the archdiocese. LEAVEN PHOTO BY MATT MCCABE by Ellie Melero @eleanor_melero KANSAS CITY, Kan. — [...]

Parishioners Come Together to Get Food Where It’s Needed2019-08-05T10:02:20-05:00

Meet the 2019 St. Rita Center Graduates!

Brent never imagined that he would be graduating – let alone with honors --from Kansas City, Kansas Community College’s (KCKCC) Technical Education Center. But he did, alongside his son, earning an HVAC certificate. Brent was joined by fellow graduates Jonathan, Chanel and Neicy. All are part of the second co-hort from Catholic Charities’ St. Rita [...]

Meet the 2019 St. Rita Center Graduates!2019-07-09T14:22:25-05:00

VITA Program Helps Increase Financial Stability

With tax season in the books, Catholic Charities' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program added some impressive numbers to the bottom line. Through VITA, IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to those who make $55,000 or less or persons with disabilities who need assistance in preparing their own tax [...]

VITA Program Helps Increase Financial Stability2019-07-09T14:29:42-05:00

St. Michael’s Students Pay-it-Forward

Check out this awesome story! St. Michael’s second graders participated in a classroom project to raise money for Catholic Charities. In addition, their teacher nominated Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas for FOX 4’s Pay-it- Forward segment. We are so thankful and blessed for St. Michael’s donation, and for nominating Catholic Charities! https://fox4kc.com/2019/05/20/catholic-charities-receives-1330-donation-to-help-community-thanks-to-local-second-grade-teacher/

St. Michael’s Students Pay-it-Forward2019-05-30T11:01:49-05:00

Food Drives Like St. Patrick’s Critical to Pantries

Volunteers from Catholic Charities load up donations from St. Patrick Parish in Kansas City, Kansas, on Dec. 15. PHOTO BY PAULA FROST by Bob Hart Special to The Leaven KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas provides food assistance for thousands of families and individuals each year. But the cold winter [...]

Food Drives Like St. Patrick’s Critical to Pantries2019-01-14T17:22:38-05:00

Snow Ball Presidents Raise Funds and Awareness for Catholic Charities

Neil and Fran Douthat will serve as presidents of the 45th annual Snow Ball benefiting Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas. The event is set for Jan. 19 at the Overland Park Convention Center. by Carol Cowdrey Special to The Leaven OVERLAND PARK — When Neil and Fran Douthat were asked to serve as presidents [...]

Snow Ball Presidents Raise Funds and Awareness for Catholic Charities2019-01-03T16:00:05-05:00

Stand Against Public Charge to Protect Immigrant Families

Care for the stranger, the hungry, the sick, and the homeless are fundamental to the mission of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Therefore, we share the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic Charities USA’s concern with the proposed change to the “public charge” eligibility requirement recently published by the Department of Homeland Security [...]

Stand Against Public Charge to Protect Immigrant Families2018-12-06T10:06:55-05:00

Listen: Sharing the Journey through Catholic Charities Refugee Services

  Today, our shepherd, Archbishop Joseph Naumann talks with Rachel Pollack, the director of Refugee and Immigrant Services for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. More people today are living as refugees or displaced persons than any time since World War II and the world now has over 65 million people who are uprooted [...]

Listen: Sharing the Journey through Catholic Charities Refugee Services2018-12-03T10:30:13-05:00