Catholic Charities Brings Relief to Rural Communities

Much of Catholic Charities’ 21-county service area is made up of rural communities. These areas are often described as food deserts. With very few resources available, their struggle to feed families in need has become even greater during COVID-19. To help alleviate the stress, Catholic Charities has provided 19,678 pounds of food to pantries in Linn, Jackson, Nemaha [...]

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Jim and Dee’s Hope Story: Volunteering Leads to Friendship

Keith and his wife Shelly were paired with Jim and Dee for over eight years through Catholic Charities’ Friendly Visitors program. Jim and Dee never had children. Each was the last remaining sibling in their families. This foursome would enjoy visits and monthly dinners together. Shelly and Keith helped when it was time to [...]

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Adoption Hope Story: A Story of Love

We had an adoption finalize recently.  While every adoption finalization is a hope story of God’s divine intervention, God’s grace and beauty, and God’s love for all his children including adults and children; this adoption was no different.  The timing of how the couple, birthmother, and child met was quick.  The turnaround time was [...]

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Mary’s Hope Story: Becoming Financially Stable

Mary is a bus driver and only receives steady income during the school year. A Program Specialist has been working with her for the last 7 months through our Family Financial Transformations™ Program. Mary is also receiving housing assistance through Catholic Charities. At the beginning of the program, Mary was not able to pay [...]

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