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Breaking Bread Spring 2018 – Earthly Angels Provide Comfort at the End of Life’s Journey

Although it can be hard to accept, death is a stage in all of our lives. Through the Angel Vigil program, Catholic Community Hospice provides around-the-clock bedside volunteers, so that patients and their family members don't have to go through these final hours alone. Catholic Community Hospice Volunteer Director, Bonnie Krause, provides training to those [...]

Breaking Bread Spring 2018 – Earthly Angels Provide Comfort at the End of Life’s Journey2018-07-11T10:42:35-05:00

Sandy’s Hope Story: Someone to Watch Over Mom

My name is Sandy. I'm 6o years old and this is my hope story... I'm single and have no children of my own. My mother is 87 years old and I'm her sole caretaker. My main concern is that Mom doesn't get lonely and has someone checking on her every day to make sure she's [...]

Sandy’s Hope Story: Someone to Watch Over Mom2018-02-21T11:07:10-05:00

Volunteers Help Carry Out the Mission of Catholic Charities

Each month, nearly  carry out the mission of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Our volunteers generously give both their time and talent in a variety of ways---from hosting food drives to sorting donations at TurnStyles to helping with English language classes or providing companionship and support as a Friendly Visitor or Catholic Community Hospice volunteer. [...]

Volunteers Help Carry Out the Mission of Catholic Charities2017-12-19T10:42:51-05:00

Giving Seniors an Extra Hand

In-Home Support has been Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas' cornerstone service to the elderly since 1993. The licensed home health program provides non-medical services to seniors 60 and older. “We strive to help our elderly live independently and in their own homes for as long as it’s safely possible,” explains Betsy Holzworth, RN, BSN, Director, [...]

Giving Seniors an Extra Hand2017-05-19T11:00:56-05:00

Brochure: Friendly Visitors

This brochure in Adobe PDF format provides details about the Friendly Visitors program that you can download to print and share. Could you use a friend? Do you need: Home visits or telephone calls for companionship? Assistance with reading mail, writing letters or paying bills? Assisted transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, errands, etc.? Personal visits and Ring-a-Day services are [...]

Brochure: Friendly Visitors2017-02-21T15:47:40-05:00

Friendly Visitors program offers hope for the lonely

This article was originally posted on The Leaven and written by Ken Williams, President & CEO, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Frances was happily married for 40 years and raised two children, both of whom graduated from college and enjoyed many evenings with friends from her local church. Then, all of a sudden, she finds [...]

Friendly Visitors program offers hope for the lonely2016-10-25T15:10:55-05:00

Volunteers Dazzle at Senior Information Fair in Topeka

Larry and Sandra Davalos-Lesser are newlyweds in the Topeka area. Larry volunteers for Corita's Corner Sandwich Ministry preparing sandwiches and Sandra is a volunteer for the Friendly Visitors Program offered by Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Larry and Sandra volunteered at the Friendly Visitors booth at the annual Senior Information Fair held at Topeka and Shawnee County Public [...]

Volunteers Dazzle at Senior Information Fair in Topeka2016-09-23T09:30:59-05:00

Friendly Visitors – Volunteers and Friends

Ted, age 96, and Betty, age 95, are a married couple currently living in an assisted living facility.  They had no children of their own and have buried all of their siblings. They have no relatives in the area. For several years now they have been visited by a much younger married couple, A.J. and [...]

Friendly Visitors – Volunteers and Friends2016-09-23T12:01:58-05:00

Daily Calls Always a Pleasure, Occasionally a Lifeline

This article was originally posted in The Leaven and written by Carolyn Kaberline. TOPEKA — It’s 8 a.m. when the phone rings at the home of 95-year-old Frances Passeggiata in west Topeka. The call isn’t a long one, but it’s obvious from the smile on her face that it is a welcome one. “She calls [...]

Daily Calls Always a Pleasure, Occasionally a Lifeline2017-08-25T18:07:58-05:00

Denise’s Hope Story: Peace of Mind

Rose Marie is 89 years old and confined to her bed. Her daughter, Denise, called our local Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Office and asked about our Friendly Visitors Program.  Denise is her mother’s primary caregiver and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Denise was due to have surgery the following week and wanted [...]

Denise’s Hope Story: Peace of Mind2016-09-23T12:04:13-05:00