School Serve Experience Connects Students to Catholic Charities’ Mission

Almost seven years ago, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ Outreach Team embarked on a journey to connect local Catholic schools to the work and mission of our agency.  The team landed on what is now called a School Serve Experience, where Catholic Charities staff coordinate learning activities, service projects, and field trips for students in [...]

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The Value of One — The Power of Many Volunteer Spotlight

Our Foster Grandparent Program, which connects Wyandotte County seniors ages 55+ with at-risk children, recently celebrated 41 years of service at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Learn about the impact the program makes not only on the kids but also on the Grandparents who serve through mentoring and tutoring.  

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Foster Grandparent, Connie Hadley, is “Everyone’s Grandma”

Hope Hero Shout-Out! Connie Hadley has been an advocate for education long before she had any of her own children in the school system. After completing her formal education, in 1947 she moved to Wyandotte county and immediately became involved in the local schools, forming the Bluebirds, Boy Scouts and PTA groups. She understood [...]

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Foster Grandparents Program Celebrated at National Service Day Event

On April 3, the Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) federal funders, Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), sponsored a special event recognizing the impact of  AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs in the KC Metro. The event was a celebration reception for National Service Day of Recognition. Grandma Betty Jean Walker shares a few stories [...]

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Foster Grandparents Give and Get

Do you know anyone who would love being a "foster grandparent"? Check out this story on one of our AMAZING programs! For more information, go here>> KCTV5 Special thanks to KCTV5 and Alexis Del Cid.

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Donors Provide Back‐to‐School Supplies to Those in Need

Hope Hero Shout Out! Sacred Heart parishioners helped collect and distribute back-to-school supplies. The average cost of school supplies in 2017 topped well over $100 per child and that doesn’t take into account back-­to-­school clothing shopping or computer hardware and software. For families living in poverty, purchasing pencils, notebooks, tissues, hand sanitizer and [...]

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Local Teachers Share Their Love of Our Foster Grandparents

In April we started receiving Foster Grandparents' evaluations from local elementary teachers.  Here's a few of their comments: “Mr. Waters is a wonderful help in my classroom!” “Grandma Barbara is such an asset to the preschool classroom and the KCKCC Campus Child Care Center.” “Grandma Mary King is amazing, she is very caring & loving [...]

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Ella’s Hope Story: Fostering Achievements

Grandma Ella has worked with several children in her 7 years with our Foster Grandparent Program, CCNEK. A few years ago, Grandma wanted us to hear about the achievements of a couple of her students. She told us about two, five year-old students, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, who she had worked with throughout the year. [...]

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Foster Grandparent Volunteers Give AND Receive

There's an old adage, it's better to give than to receive. But the Foster Grandparent Program volunteers get the joy of experiencing both. A little over 100 adults ages 55+ who meet federal low-income guidelines volunteer approximately 6,000 hours a month. They help at-risk or special needs children in Wyandotte County from infancy through high school. [...]

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