Fort Leavenworth Commissary Helps Supplement Decline in Food Donations

More often than not our rural Family Support Center (FSC) pantries struggle to receive as many food donations as our metropolitan locations. During a time when food droughts are rampant, FSC managers must get creative to offset a critical decline in donations. A unique partner to our Leavenworth FSC has been the Fort Leavenworth Commissary. [...]

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St. Rita Program Helps Nurse Fulfill Her Passion

April’s desire to become a nurse began when she was 20 years old. A supply clerk in a nursing home, she dreamt she was holding the hand of a resident who was dying. She knew then that she had a special calling to nursing. After becoming a full-time nurse, her passion for caring for patients [...]

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Breaking Bread – Fall 2018 – Lack of Financial Understanding Costs Families

[dg order="DESC" orderby="name" attachment_pg="false" paginate="true" ids="12198"] Download PDF version of Breaking Bread Newsletter Tom and Sue have 12 credit cards totaling $34,000 in debt. All have a balance due each month. With a three- year-old child to raise and a second baby due soon, the couple knew they needed help. Like many who walk through [...]

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Breaking Bread – Spring 2018 – Future is Bright for St. Rita’s Inaugural Class of 2018

Download PDF version of Breaking Bread - Spring 2018 Lavaunte has always been passionate about auto technology. Without the proper training, that passion, unfortunately, couldn’t translate into income. He needed more education, but as the youngest of five, no one in his family had ever had the option of attending college – until now. Lavaunte [...]

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Breaking Bread – Spring 2017 – Strengthening Programs Set Course for Achieving Self-Sufficiency

Jack came into one of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ Emergency Assistance Centers seeking more than food and utility assistance. He was looking for a job. Jack is among the growing number of people turning to Catholic Charities for employment support services. “Our goal is to help people obtain full-time jobs with a career path [...]

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Breaking Bread – Fall 2016 – Celebrating 60 Years of Giving Help and Hope

The year was 1956. Archbishop Edward J. Hunkeler, Monsignor John Horvat and Thomas Daly met to discuss the establishment of a new organization within the Archdiocese. Its sole focus would be on the management of “Catholic charitable activities,” especially the adoption of children into Catholic homes. On October 23rd of that year, a non-profit named Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Kansas [...]

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Breaking Bread – Winter 2012 – Lawrence: A Year of Serving the Community

Catholic Charities has long had a presence in the Lawrence community but just recently celebrated one year of human services work from its new office in St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. From October 2010 to October 2011, Catholic Charities provided services to about 850 people in Lawrence. Catholic Charities staff has provided emergency assistance services, immigration [...]

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