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The Gift of Warmth

Wanda Sanborn and the Phil Martin family delivered 62 warm blanket throws to our Leavenworth Emergency Assistance Center on behalf of the Leavenworth Cruisers. The throws will be distributed to those we serve who are experiencing homelessness.  We are blessed to have this donation from the Leavenworth Cruisers, a car enthusiast club that continues to be [...]

The Gift of Warmth2017-12-04T09:35:00-05:00

‘Tis the Season for Giving in Leavenworth

A shout out to the Christian Men's Fellowship of the First Christian Church in Leavenworth for donating 500 pounds of food to our Leavenworth food pantry! The gen erous food donation was delivered by Randy McDowell, Joe Bauder, Phil Martin and John Anderson. We are thankful for their support of our mission of feeding local families [...]

‘Tis the Season for Giving in Leavenworth2017-12-04T09:22:48-05:00

Pilot Program Removes Barriers

- by Ken Williams, President & CEO - Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Two years ago as I was sitting at a Wyandotte County Economic Development Council meeting, I was taken aback by the discussion. The business and industry leaders in the room were frustrated because they could not fill available jobs. In fact, 63% [...]

Pilot Program Removes Barriers2018-07-09T11:57:33-05:00

Help on Wheels

Susan and Joe live in a rural Kansas town with limited resources. Due to medical conditions, they were unable to work for a couple of months. They fell behind on their rent, and had no money for food. They relied on fishing for their meals, sometimes catching only a turtle. Susan and Joe heard about [...]

Help on Wheels2017-11-27T14:40:34-05:00

Refugee Children Learn about American Schools

Starting a new school can be difficult for anyone. It’s especially challenging for refugee children who must become familiar with another country’s school rules and culture. To help get the children ready for school in America, Catholic Charities’ Refugee and Immigration Services offered a four day, back-to-school camp. Twenty-eight students attended, with the majority being [...]

Refugee Children Learn about American Schools2018-07-09T11:59:20-05:00

Order of Malta Grants $10,000 to Shalom House

The Order of Malta Federal Association granted $10,000 to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas for our Shalom House men’s shelter.  The funds will help the men continue to receive the health and educational support they need to reach self-sufficiency and leave homelessness for good. The Order of Malta is active in 120 countries caring for [...]

Order of Malta Grants $10,000 to Shalom House2017-10-09T14:49:12-05:00

First National Bank’s 2017 Community First Award Runner Up

Thanks to everyone who voted daily for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas during First National Bank's 2017 Community First Award competition.  We're excited to share that we were the runner up for the Kansas region, receiving a cash donation of $2,500.  The funds will assist us in providing fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy through meal [...]

First National Bank’s 2017 Community First Award Runner Up2017-10-09T11:54:19-05:00

Leavenworth Cruisers Car Club Help Neighbors in Need

There’s more to the Leavenworth Cruisers Car Club than cool cars and trucks. They also have a big heart when it comes to helping the community. Ginny Leritz with the Cruisers visited our local Emergency Assistance Center and presented Manager Jackie Masoner with a $480 check to help those in need. Leavenworth Cruisers is a [...]

Leavenworth Cruisers Car Club Help Neighbors in Need2017-10-04T14:22:56-05:00

A Different Kind of Drive-Thru

Deacon Charlie Cecil joins St. John Paul II parishioners distributing food to those in need. Cars began filling the parking lot on a Saturday as early as 6 am. Many parents had their children with them. They patiently waited - not for a big sporting event or music concert - but for bags [...]

A Different Kind of Drive-Thru2017-09-25T14:50:38-05:00

Students Give Back through Eagle Scout Projects

Hope Hero Shout Out! There are many ways to volunteer and make a difference at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Three Boy Scouts did just that this summer through their Eagle Scout projects. Thompson Penn, a freshman at Rockhurst High School, regularly helps load the Catholic Charities truck with food donations at Ascension parish. He [...]

Students Give Back through Eagle Scout Projects2017-09-12T15:22:12-05:00