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Helping Birth Parents Navigate the Adoption Process

Placing your baby for adoption is not an easy decision.  It is, however, an act of love. At Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, we understand the nervousness and uncertainty that an unexpected pregnancy brings.  That’s why our caring and supportive staff will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire process.  As a state licensed child placing agency, we will provide:

  • Caring, non- judgmental support throughout your pregnancy and birth of the baby
  • Confidential individual counseling
  • Education about Catholic Charities’ adoption process including open adoption and legal rights
  • Profiles of families who want to adopt and have been fully evaluated through background checks, home visits, interviews and reference checks
  • On-site support at the hospital, serving as your advocate as you place the baby with the adoptive parents
  • Post-adoption support

All services are available to birth parents free of charge.

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?  We help you explore your thoughts and feelings while you carefully consider your decision to parent or create an adoption plan.

We are advocates first and foremost for the child and birth parents. We believe that children are best served by preserving their connection to their family of origin. The best decision for you and your child comes from you. We will support you, whether you decide to parent or to place your child in a loving adoptive home.

The final decision is yours. If you choose to make an adoption plan, you also choose the family for your child.  Adoptive couples who are struggling with infertility or other medical issues are qualified through Catholic Charities.  They are required to undergo a comprehensive home study which includes a reference check, background screening and more.  Once they are approved to adopt, the couples create profile books for viewing by the birth parents.  Through the open adoption process at Catholic Charities, you will have the opportunity, if you choose, to meet the prospective adoptive family.  Together, you will make decisions regarding your on-going involvement and communication.

Support continues post-adoption.  The support Catholic Charities provides you throughout your pregnancy will not disappear after placing your child for adoption.   We’re here for you to help you cope with the impact of your decision, so that you can continue to successfully move forward.