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Matching Newborns and Infants with their Forever Families

If you are a married couple considering adoption due to infertility or other medical conditions, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is here to help you build your family.  It’s important to understand that the adoptive process is the start of a life-long relationship between birth parents, adoptive parents and a child.  Throughout the journey, Catholic Charities is committed to providing you with expertise, experience, honest answers and most of all, support.


Our adoption program places newborn infants to six months of age with married couples. Since we are licensed through the state of Kansas, couples must live within the 21 county area of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas to be considered.  Also, you both must be at least 21 years old and married a minimum of one year.  In addition, you must be interested in an open adoption process. The degree of openness varies depending on each situation. For more detailed information regarding eligibility requirements, click on the Adoption Guidelines.


  1. Explore Catholic Charities Adoption Guidelines, forms and fee schedule.
  2. Schedule a phone consultation and assessment.
  3. Attend a face-to-face meeting to review Catholic Charities’ adoption program and philosophy.
  4. Complete the online application, provide a copy of your driver’s license and submit a non-refundable $350 application fee.


The length of time between submitting your application and starting the adoptive process depends upon the number of applications and the children available for placement. Our staff strives to provide the best match to ensure that babies are placed in loving, forever homes.   The home study process is extensive, consisting of a series of on-line education workshops, individual interviews, reference and background checks, as well as an in-home visit. It takes approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete.


Once the study is completed and you are approved for adoption with Catholic Charities, you’ll be placed on our approved list.  With our assistance, you’ll put together a profile book about you and your journey that can be shared with birth parents.   Actual placement of a child depends upon the number of children available for placement, birthparents’ desires and a couple’s expectations.

After placement of a child with a family, there is an estimated one to three month supervisory period of time before finalization of the adoption in court. This period can be shorter or longer, depending on the situation with the court and the birth father.


Service doesn’t stop when the adoption is finalized.  The program’s staff can act as an intermediary between the birth parents and the adoptive parents scheduling visits, forwarding letters/photos and helping with any other communication between the families.