Leadership Giving

Leadership Giving Families were launched and welcomed new members: First Fruits, Table of Plenty and Salt of the Earth – a Legacy Family including charitable gift annuity opportunities. These Families provide financial support to enable Catholic Charities to respond more quickly and compassionately to those in need.

Special Events

The Ben and Betty Zarda Family Golf Classic celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary. Snow Ball attendance increased by 7% and established a new revenue record. The 37th Annual Snow Ball was named the #1 Fundraising Event in Kansas City in 2011 by The Independent.

Special Events

In its second year, the Committee of Young Patrons grew to more than 150 members. Their purpose is to impact the lives of those in need with: Volunteer Efforts, Social Outings, Professional Development, Fundraising and Friendraising.

Social Media

Reach was increased on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Connect with us!

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